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Steelcase Gesture (Open Box)


Steelcase Gesture (Open Box)


Open Box Steelcase Gesture chairs
Purchased by a client in 2019/18.
Very light to no use. Some scuffs on frame from transportation in box trucks.
Rare and limited edition plush and breathable fabric.
Premium solid aluminum base.
Platinum Trim

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The Steelcase Gesture is the top of Steelcase’s ergonomic chair product lineup. The New York Time’s Wirecuter tech publication rated the Steelcase Gesture their top ergonomic chair, writing “I can tell when I’m sitting incorrectly in it and that I need to fix my posture. It’s very comfortable to sit in for 10 to 12 hours a day (I use it for both work and fun), and the variety of adjustments means I can make it fit me perfectly.”

Indeed, the Steelcase Gesture chair has extremely useful and sensitive adjustment mechanisms at the reach of a right hand. You can adjust your seat pan in and out while, remarkably, remaining seated. This runs counter to the mechanism on other chairs that require you to get up.

Crucially, you can adjust and fine tune your back tension, so that your back seems to float into whatever position you assign. You can infinitely change your position by giving a slight adjustment of the tension knob.

The arms of the Steelcase Gesture are industry leading and it’s not particularly close. They allow for an extreme range of up and down movement, the arm stalks themselves will physically move at your command, and the arm pads pivot as well as flow forward and back.

Lumbar on the Steelcase Gesture is quite extreme, with some customers reporting back pain into the first week of the chair as their backs adjusted to the Steelcase Gesture’s corrective contours. One in fifteen customers ultimately ended up returning their Gestures (compare with Herman Miller Aeron: one in six), usually due to the strength of the lumbar support. These customers tend to skew shorter.